Signs reflecting new name installed at Honolulu airport, but will more be done?


We first told you two weeks ago that Honolulu’s airport has a new name.

Now, signs are going up that reflect it.

The name “Daniel K. Inouye International Airport” greets drivers heading into the airport, so what other changes can we expect?

KHON2 asked to speak with someone from the Hawaii Department of Transportation, but no one would talk to us today. We were told to wait for an official ceremony later this month.

So we checked with a state lawmaker and searched through government contracts to get you answers.

KHON2 asked Rep. Tom Brower, D, Waikiki, Ala Moana, “Was there discussion of how much this was going to cost if we wanted to support this resolution?”

“That had come up in discussion and a lot of different issues regarding this, but we just think to honor someone who really did invest a lot of his time in the airport and was able to get the funding, we think it would be cost-effective to honor that,” Brower said.

We asked the DOT how much changing the signs will cost and again, no answer.

So we looked at a contract bid for a project involving signage at the airport and found the total cost up to $21 million, which includes electrical work, traffic control, and other improvements.

“I hope that it won’t be that expensive and maybe we have to re-look at how we put the name changes at the airport, and where we do it, and what type of materials we do, but I’m confident we can get this done in a reasonable cost,” Brower said.

So what does the public think of the new sign and name?

“I think naming it after a person that did so much is a much better thing then just having generic name,” said Ewa Beach resident Adam Levine. “I think in the long run, it will stick and it will be worth it. Sen. Inouye was such a big impact, I don’t think the cost was really that big a deal.”

“I’m not too sure,” said Waipahu resident Logan Brown. “I hope it does and pays honor, but it’ll take awhile for me and maybe some others to get used to the name.”

While the name has changed, the airport’s three-letter designation (IATA code) HNL is still the same.

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