Self-defense training on the rise after brazen crimes hit North Shore


Two crimes on the North Shore on the same day has people on edge, and now many North Shore residents are training to fight back. 

Earlier this week, a mother was robbed at knifepoint while pumping gas in Haleiwa. 

Earlier that day, Wednesday, April 10, a woman was cleaning a home near Sunset Beach and heard someone in the bathroom who wasn’t supposed to be there. 

It immediately reminded her of the horrific murder that took place down the road in 2017. 

Christa Leigh was cleaning a home around 11:30 a.m. Wednesday on Ke Nui Road when she noticed something was off.   

“I went up to the door and I heard a woman talking in the bathroom and I thought it was someone who had checked in early or something,” Leigh said.

The woman behind the door told Leigh she was locked inside and scared. 

Leigh asked the woman who she was. 

“And that’s when she responded with something along the lines of, I’m the Brazilian goddess of light and I’m here to bless this home,” Leigh said. 

She ran downstairs and called 911. Police arrived about five to six minutes later. 

“She really has no remorse to me that’s what my perspective was, she thought she was allowed in the home and why were we taking her out of where she was supposed to be,” she said. 

“Knowing self-defense, I wasn’t really fearful for my life but just knowing that feeling of being intruded upon in a home where no one is supposed to be inside of it… for Telma to get so brutally murdered it was it gave me a perspective of what she went through,” Leigh said. 

Telma Boinville was murdered while cleaning a North Shore home in 2017. After that, many women started taking self-defense classes. 

“I’ve seen a big influx of women wanting to learn something which is awesome,” said Kyle Foyle, martial arts coach. 

He offered some safety tips. 

“The number one thing is to be aware of your surroundings,” he said. 

He says you should listen to your instincts if something doesn’t seem right and if you have the chance to get away, run or get into your car and drive off. 

Also, make noise and try and run towards a group of people. 

He teaches a female self-defense class on Saturday’s at the Boars Nest/RVCA gym on the North Shore. 

Police did arrest a 40-year-old woman that afternoon for burglary in the first degree. 

She’s since been released pending investigation. 

“I feel like we as a community should know if they’re just released back out in the area,” she added.

Once she heard from other North Shore residents that they had seen the woman around again, she didn’t want to go back to the house by herself. 

“It does make me more nervous and we’re letting the residents and cleaners know,” she said. 

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