Security in Kunia neighborhood stopped day before shooting


The Village Park area is normally patrolled by a security guard, but that stopped just a day before the shooting happened.

KHON2 first reported that the Village Park Homeowners Association stopped security and landscaping services on Friday due to lack of money.

The managing company told us it’s because so many homeowners have not paid their annual dues.

We wanted to know what type of security measures were being provided?

KHON2 spoke with a security company that patrols other residential areas on Oahu. It’s hard to say if it could have been prevented, but the company says security officers would have paid special attention to that area if anything suspicious had been reported.

The Village Park Homeowners Association is a vast area consisting of more than 1,800 homes. Securitas had been patrolling the neighborhood but that stopped on Friday.

We spoke with another company that provides similar services. Phoenix Security Hawaii also has uniformed security officers who drive around in marked vehicles and, like other security officers, their job is to call 911 if they see anything suspicious. They don’t get involved unless they really have to.

“If they come across someone who’s hostile our people are trained in verbal judo, basically just to downplay everything do you really want the police involved do you really want the police here get them to stop and thinking and turn the situation around before it becomes violent,” said Phoenix Security Hawaii president Louis Siracusa.

Siracusa says having someone in a uniform and driving in a marked car can be a deterrent, and if neighbors had complained about the suspect before, security officers will pay more attention to that area.

“When you have this neighbor that’s a little irregular then you should, not pay special attention to this one individual, but be cautious in that area, be cautious of what goes on,” he said.

Security experts recommend that residents keep each other informed. Among the latest tools is a website called Nextdoor. If you register your name and address, you can communicate with other residents in your neighborhood. Only people who actually live in that area will be allowed to join the group and the idea is to post anything suspicious whether by computer or by phone to your neighbors.

It’s a similar concept as a neighborhood watch and using both will keep tabs on any suspicious activity in the area.

The management company for Village Park says the association board members plan to meet really soon to see how they can resume security services.

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