The American Dental Association Convention is in Honolulu this weekend, but with the hotel worker’s strike continuing into the second week, it’s affecting many participants staying in Waikiki. 

The American Dental Association Convention is expected to have 15,000 participants from 46 countries, and many of them made plans to stay in the Waikiki area months in advance, long before hotel workers walked off the job. 

“They were all closed at the Royal Hawaiian and the Sheraton, and we weren’t able to have anything to eat there, so we just left,” said said David Dixon, Ohio dentist. “And it looked like a lot of people were leaving the hotel as a result of that strike.” 

Prior to the convention, the Dental Association did send a memo alerting participants that a strike could happen and could impact their stay.  

“About three weeks ago I got an email that, unforeseen, but this is what’s going on, and if you’d like to change your lodging, there will be no charges. And there are some email connections to make that happen,” said  Jack Zazzaro, Connecticut dentist.

In a statement, the Dental Association said:

“The ADA respects the right of hotel union members to strike in a civil manner and hopes for a swift resolution.” 

As for talks between Kyo-ya, Marriott and UNITE HERE, Local 5, the hotel worker’s union says there are no meetings planned at this time. We reached out to Kyo-ya, but haven’t heard back yet.