There’s an area to our east where great white sharks like to visit.

It’s called the White Shark Cafe and it’s in the middle of the ocean between Hawaii and Mexico.

Researchers with the Schmidt Ocean Institute recently departed from Honolulu.

They spent a month at sea, studying the area, trying to find out why great whites swim there.

They used high-tech tools to gather information about the ocean and the sharks, and they discovered more than expected.

“What we found so far is that not only is this area not an ocean desert but very  productive,” said Carlie Weiner/Schmidt Ocean Institute. “The research. the oceanographic data that was collected. Small scale eddies are bringing nutrients and plankton from deeper waters up to the surface and enhancing all of the co-productivity in this region.”

Scientists will continue to study the data, in hopes of further understanding great whites and the White Shark Cafe.