School fixes flaw that redirected users to adult website


A flaw in Farrington High School’s web security protocol caused users to get redirected to a pornographic website, instead of being taken to one of the school’s many links.

Users noticed the flaw Sunday when they clicked on links that would have taken them to Farrington’s site.

Farrington’s principal said he was aware that the site had been taking people to adult content because he had received questions about it. The principal spoke to the webmaster, and they have since fixed the problem.

“The site would just have been hacked at that point,” said Tim Caminos with Supergeeks. “I mean if your website is being redirected to somewhere else, your site was hacked. That’s it. Period.”

In a statement, the Department of Education said, “The redirect of the website was brought to the attention of Farrington High officials today who took immediate action to ensure appropriate security measures are in place.”

In a statement, the school’s webmaster apologized to users that saw the inappropriate content. He also says his intent was to protect constant attempts to break into or spam the school’s website.

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