Many dog owners want to take their dogs to the beach. But what are the rules and are they being followed?

Video sent into Action Line shows two large, unleashed dogs at Pokai Bay. The family that submitted it asked why the animals were allowed to run around, and if anyone enforces the rules.

The Hawaiian Humane Society says it’s aware some dog owners let their pets run free on the beach, though it’s not allowed on many beaches for safety purposes.

Ala Moana Beach Park is one of 26 beaches across Oahu that don’t allow pets. Signs are posted that say “no animals allowed.”

Beachgoers we spoke with said they didn’t know there were park rules when it comes to four-legged friends.

Some, like Makiki resident Patrick Cavalier, don’t mind.

“I get a kick out of watching dogs having fun,” Cavalier said. “They’re like little people. If they want to enjoy the beach, who am I to say they can’t?”

But Kaneohe resident Mike Mariconda says he doesn’t mind, as long as the dog is leashed.

“If they’re under control, I have no problem with dogs anywhere, as long as they’re leashed or not running wild,” he said.

“Most people think they have control of their dogs, and most of the time that’s true, but you just never know,” said Susan Tam with the Hawaiian Humane Society. “Animals are wonderful pets to have, but you never know what’s going to happen.”

Pets are allowed on certain beaches if they’re on a leash. View a full list here.

The dogs we saw at Ala Moana Beach Park were on a leash, so we asked if rules could be changed to allow pets at this popular park.

“Dogs are just not allowed there,” Tam replied. “I’m not sure why the state does that. You’ll definitely have to ask them.”

We reached out to the city’s parks department, which sets the rules for Ala Moana Beach Park, but have yet to hear back.

Anyone caught with a pet at a beach where it’s not allowed could face a fine of up to $500.