Some University of Hawaii at Manoa students living on campus are making do because of a familiar problem: no hot water.

Someone living in Hale Wainani called our Action Line and told us hot water has been spotty in buildings G and H since last Wednesday.

We’re told it’s the second time this has happened this semester.

A university spokesman tells us they’re actively fixing the issue. They’ve identified a circulation problem, so sometimes it takes 15 minutes for the water to get hot.

Students tell us they’ve been taking cold showers.

“They offer other showers throughout the dorms that students could go to who want a hot shower,” said graduate student Sasha Madan. “It’s kind of awkward. I don’t want to shower in someone else’s place and then walk back to my room.”

“I get that it happens, but I do wish that we didn’t have to deal with it, because we are paying for all of this,” said undergraduate student Kristel Laus.

University officials could not tell us how long repairs will take.

Hale Wainani is one of the oldest dormitories at the university, but is scheduled for renovations.