A few days ago, the FBI put out a public service announcement on its website, alerting the public of several email scams.

In one example, people are receiving emails from the agency’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, saying they’re eligible to receive restitution for an internet scheme they were a victim of.

All the person has to do is click on a link to download a form, fill in some personal information, and send it back.

The problem is the link contains malware which can infect your computer, and the personal information is often used to put together a profile about you with the goal of stealing your identity.

In another example, people are receiving emails from the FBI’s Internet Crime Investigation Center saying their IP address was flagged because they were a victim of a federal cyber crime. All you need to do is call the FBI using the phone number provided in the email, the scammer says.

Since December, there have been more than 100 reports of the scam surfacing around the country.Click here for more information.