Scammers targeting victims through fake texts


If you received a suspicious text message recently, you might be a target of a “smishing” scam.

Experts say these types of scams involve fraudulent texts sent by someone who claims to be someone they’re not. 

SuperGeeks CEO, Tim Caminos, says people will get a text asking if you don’t want your account being locked, you must reply pieces of personal information. Sometimes that includes date of birth or the last four digits of your social security number. Caminos also said these smishing scammers may also pose as your friend as you to wire money.  

Experts say these type of fake text are easy to create. All it takes is a list of phone numbers and the right software on a computer. The scammers can also send a mass amount of texts at once. 

Although it can be tricky picking out these fraudulent texts from real ones, experts say there are some red flags to look out for. The red flags include texts coming in the middle of the night and misspelled words. 

In some cases, victims end up replying to these texts and their identity is eventually stolen. Experts says if a text doesn’t look right, just don’t reply.

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