Scam targets satellite TV customers with lure of premium channels


Another scam has made its mark on the mainland and it could be headed here.

This time, DIRECTV customers are being targeted by callers claiming to work for the company.

First, they’re trying to convince potential scam victims into thinking something is wrong with their account. Then they’ll ask for personal information, claiming they’re trying to confirm details about your account.

“Then what they do is they offer to give you premium channels, but they’re asking for payment in a strange form,” said Jason Kama, Hawaii Better Business Bureau director of marketing.

The scammer claims the premium channels are part of a promotion with Amazon, and in order to take advantage of it you’ll need to pay with Amazon gift cards.

The Hawaii BBB says so far the scam has mainly targeted people on the mainland, but at least one person in Hawaii reported getting a phone call.

“One thing to remember is when you’re dealing with someone who calls you, you’re never really sure who’s on the other line. Scammers can spoof numbers and they can trick caller ID into saying they’re from different companies,” Kama warned.

DIRECTV and Amazon say the phone calls are fakes.

The BBB says if you’re unsure if a phone call is legitimate, don’t hesitate to hang up, research the number, and call back.

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