Sam Choy’s To Go: Seattle to the Max


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Sam Choy and John Veneri step out of the kitchen for a series of primetime specials aimed at showcasing food and drink around the world, while finding and tracing back ties to the islands.

In this installment, Sam and John venture into the Pacific Northwest for “Sam Choy’s To Go: Seattle to the Max.”

Sam and John visit Seattle to see how Hawaiian culture is being perpetuated thousands of miles away, and explore such places as a century old Chinese noodle manufacturer and a 90-year-old Asian supermarket with Hawaii ties.

They visit Yuji Okumoto, you might know him from Karate Kid II, to check out his Hawaii style restaurant Kona Kitchen, and even stop by a bakery owned by Patrick Choy, Sam’s brother.

From Hawaii to the Emerald City, enjoy Sam Choy’s To Go: Seattle to the Max!

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