Salvation Army finds rare newspapers in suitcase


Salvation Army workers in Hilo came upon a surprising find. They found a dozen newspapers that date back to 1959 and 1974.

The store manager says the newspapers were found in a suitcase that was donated more than a year ago.

The suitcase was kept in storage and no one knew what was inside until recently.

Five of the newspapers chronicle Hawaii’s statehood. Those went on sale last week, but so far, no buyers.

The other newspapers have front page headlines about President John F. Kennedy from his election to office, to his assassination, astronaut John Glenn’s return from space, and President Richard Nixon’s resignation.

“It was like opening a time capsule. It was just a lot of history that somebody decided to save. I guess they realized there was some significance in it,’ said Sheena Pascubillo of the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army says the Hilo Tribune herald help them verify the vintage newspapers are real and not copies.

The newspapers are on sale for $100 each.

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