Salvage of wrecked sailing vessel in Hana Bay ongoing


The 50-foot sailing vessel “Cebadora” with British Columbia registration that went aground Sunday afternoon at Hana Bay has broken apart and debris is washing ashore.

The vessel landed on the Waikoloa side of Hana Bay approximately 150 to 200 feet from the nearest beach access.

Since Sunday, the vessel’s owner, Devin Coverdale, remains on site actively removing debris as it washes ashore.

According to the DLNR Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation Maui district office, the boat’s 37,000 lb. mostly fiberglass hull with a 7.5 ft. draft, 4-foot free board and keel mounted aluminum mast is underwater but may still be connected to cables and chain plates.

The hull is broken in half. The 17,000 lb. modified keel is believed to be separated from the hull.

Northeast winds with three-foot swells will continue to break the vessel apart. The vessel is equipped with an auxiliary 50 horsepower Yanmar inboard motor weighing an additional 550 lbs.

Maui boating staff will assess the remaining larger boat sections and debris field for further clean up by a salvage company.

According to Maui firefighters, Coverdale arrived a short time later after hearing about the grounding. He was at a home on shore and said no one was on board the sailboat while it was anchored offshore in Hana Bay.

Firefighters say it’s unclear whether the sailboat broke free or dragged its anchor. Ten to 15 mph onshore winds and surf pounding the sailboat on the rocks, were beginning to break the hull apart.

There was about 100 gallons of diesel fuel on board, which was apparently leaking from the hull.

Following assessment Monday by the U.S. Coast Guard and determination, there was no recoverable oil and fuel from the vessel, and Hana Bay reopened at noon.

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