**Editor’s note: This story has been updated with a direct response from Marty Nesbitt, and full documents of Waimanalo Paradise LLC’s deed and its mortgage with Hoaloha Holdings.**

One of Hawaii’s best-known homes was sold this week.

The stunning three-acre oceanfront parcel along Waimanalo Beach was made famous in the “Magnum P.I.” television series, but who might spend time there next may give it even more notoriety.

The sale at 41-505 Kalanianaole Highway is shrouded in a bit of mystery, but it could involve a very famous future visitor when he’s not at the White House.

The property traded hands in a sale that recorded Monday.

  • Click here to view Waimanalo Paradise LLC’s deed.
  • Click here to view Waimanalo Paradise LLC’s mortgage note.

The talk of the neighborhood so far is that the purchase is affiliated with President Barack Obama, so we looked into it.

“People on the beach here think it’s Obama, and some people like me are thrilled at the prospect,” said Lee Siegel, who owns a neighboring home. “It’s wonderful. My dog there can’t wait to play with Bo.”

“I think the people who are kind of negatively concerned are worried that security is going to somehow impede or interfere with their life here in Waimanalo. It’s going to put Waimanalo on the map, that’s for sure,” Siegel added.

Listing agent Mary Worrall sold the home for $8.7 million on behalf of the same ohana that had owned it since the 1930s when it was built.

She said everyone in the transaction had to sign confidentiality agreements, so nothing further could be disclosed about who is buying it and what plans are for the house.

Always Investigating reviewed the deed and mortgage and found the buyer is an LLC called Waimanalo Paradise, set up just last month, whose mailing address and contact is Obama donor and Chicago lawyer Seth Madorsky.

The deed and the mortgage are signed by a person with the same name, Judy Grimanis, as an executive assistant at a Chicago-based private capital firm run by Obama’s longtime friend and frequent Hawaii golf and travel partner Marty Nesbitt. Grimanis is also the same name of a person who worked for companies owned by Penny Pritzker, a prominent Obama fundraiser and current U.S. Secretary of Commerce.

After KHON2’s story first aired, Nesbitt responded to Always Investigating, stating “I am the sole purchaser and did not have any partners or co-investors in the transaction.”

The mortgage is held by yet another LLC set up last month, this one called Hoaloha Holdings.

The mortgage is nearly a million dollars more than the sale price, a $9.5 million note, so it would appear some major renovations could be in store for the aging property.

No comment yet from the seller or from the White House about the First Family’s connections, if any.