Saint Francis School takes questions from students at assembly about school’s future

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Saint Francis held an assembly Tuesday morning for students after its big announcement about closing certain grades on Monday.

The school said because of low enrollment numbers and funding issues, they would have to stop operating grades 7 through 12. 
In the assembly students got to ask questions about what happens next. 
“They asked questions about how the transition is going to go, what steps the school is going to take to assist,” said St. Francis board of directors chair. “They asked about what’s going to happen to the teachers that are going to be affected. They asked about is any of the sports going to be curtailed this year. The answer is no. There’s also questions about the junior class. That’s the toughest class cause they would have been seniors.”

The school says it normally needs about 500 kids for enrollment but this year they only had about 450. 

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