Honolulu police teamed with Hawaii Pacific University Thursday night to spread the message of safety.

On Sunday night two students were hit by a car while crossing Kamehameha Highway in a marked crosswalk.

It happened right outside HPU’s Windward Oahu campus.

One woman suffered life-threatening injuries.

Several years ago another student was killed while crossing the same street.

Can more be done to keep people safe?

HPU staff, students and Honolulu police signwaved along Kamehameha Highway to raise awareness for pedestrian safety.

“The lights that have been implemented since that tragedy has helped. I know we need to look and see what else we need to do. As always to see what we can better. Our goal is always to prevent totally crime or accidents like this from happening. We are always going to be striving for that,” said acting major for district four Jayson Kauwenaole.

HPU said the safety of its students and faculty are most important.

They urge everyone – pedestrians and drivers – to keep an eye out for each other.