Drivers looking to get a safety check Monday hit a road block.

As many as 165 motor vehicle inspection stations had trouble with the electronic tablets they use to record safety checks.

The state Department of Transportation says it identified the problem and worked to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

According to the state, the problem had to do with a certificate update in the computer system, and the contractor worked with the affected stations to fix the issue, creating a workaround to ensure the other 420 stations didn’t have the same problem Tuesday.

Workers at Lex Brodie’s noticed something was wrong at around 7:30 a.m.

“Being a very busy Monday, we had several safety check appointments scheduled as usual, as well as taking many walk-in safety checks, so we do probably about 25 to 30 a day I would say,” said senior salesman Barney Griggs, who conducts safety inspections. “It’s disappointing to our customers. Obviously it has a negative effect on customers, because obviously we’re not doing the safety checks or anything that might come along with that.”

The DOT says additional staffing worked to get the stations back online as soon as possible.

No issues were reported with the system Tuesday.