Ron’s Performance Center on Sand Island Access Road is closing after 52 years.

The long-time family business has been a staple in the car community for decades.

Leigh Hamasaki’s father started Ron’s Performance Center out of a garage.

Ron was famous for his “Banana Gold” race cars.

“Well it started just as him sourcing parts for himself then for his friends and it just kind of grew from there,” Hamasaki said about the business.

The car parts store eventually grew to eight locations on four islands.

Hamasaki took over her father’s business and said they must now shut down because times have changed.

“For the past 20 years, we’ve been slowly shrinking just due to the change in economy and not having a race track for 13 plus years,” Hamasaki said.

She added that the rise in online shopping has really hurt their sales.

“Of course a lot of my employees have been with me 20 plus years, so they’ve been here longer than I have. So I’ll miss them as well,” she added.

Dean Kobayashi, otherwise known as, “Dino,” has worked at Ron’s for over 20 years. He said he is sad to see it close.

“I started out in high school buying stuff from Ron’s and then ended up working here,” Kobayashi said. “To see something like this closing down, it’s really said,” he added.

Hamasaki said she hopes more people will think twice before buying online.

“I want to encourage people to support local businesses as much as you can,” she said.

The store will be closing at the end of October.