Robocalls on the rise again


We’ve been getting a lot of complaints into our newsroom lately from people receiving robocalls.

The Better Business Bureau ​​says robocalls are definitely on the rise.

According to statistics, there are about 112 million robocalls a day nationwide.

Earlier this year, scammers were pretending to be calling from the IRS. Now, it’s regarding car warranties.

“So when they call you, it’s not necessarily that they have your number for a legitimate reason. They’re just literally flooding it, doing a spray-and-prey type of method and hoping that the more calls they make, that they’ll get more victims on the line,” said Jason Kama, Better Business Bureau.

The BBB says if you don’t recognize the number, don’t answer it, and register your number on the National Do Not Call registry.

If you think it might be a legitimate call, look up the business’ number and call back.

There are also apps that you can download that block robocalls.

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