Road rage suspect Mark Char testifies in court


The man on trial for a violent road rage incident on the freeway took the stand Wednesday afternoon.

In 2016 Mark Char allegedly stabbed three people on the H1 freeway.

The victims say that Char kept breaking in front of them, and when they pulled over he pepper sprayed them and attacked them with a knife.

But Char claims it’s the other group who cut him off first. He said then they started yelling and swearing at him, and then they attacked him first.

Mark Char, defendant: I was scared like heck.
Attorney: Scared of what? 
Char: Scared of getting stabbed or killed? 
Attorney: Why you think you’re going to get stabbed or killed?  
Char: Because he was telling him for do ’em. 
Attorney: Telling him to do what?  
Char: Tell him to stick me. Only when they said to stick me then i felt like i had no choice. i had to defend myself or i going get stabbed so that’s the only time i took em out. to defend myself.
Char is charged with attempted murder and assault.

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