A man allegedly involved in a violent road rage incident last year will have to stay in jail until his trial.

Mark Char is charged with attempted murder and assault for allegedly stabbing three people on the H-1 Freeway.

Char’s attorney filed a second request for supervised release, arguing in court Tuesday that Char developed serious complications from the incident and needs proper medical care.

“My client has sustained significant injuries from the incident where he’s now in a wheelchair,” said attorney Shawn Luiz. “Instead of making any progression in his medical circumstances, he instead is going conversely the opposite direction and continuing to regress.”

Luiz also argued that Char’s bail — which was set at $2,075,000 — was unreasonable, considering he had never been convicted of a crime and is currently unable to drive.

Judge Dean Ochiai denied the request.

“One thing I do not see addressed in the papers is the fact that your client was out on bail at the time of the alleged attempted murder offense,” Ochiai said. “It leads the court to believe that your client elected to disregard some of the conditions of bail. … The court is not convinced that Mrs. Char would be a suitable sponsor and could ensure that the defendant would comply with all the terms and conditions that would be set with supervised release.”

Ochiai said Char’s bail amount was “reasonable” and “not punitive in nature.”

He also denied the defense’s request that Char’s vehicle be returned. The prosecution argued that it was not ready to release the vehicle.

Char’s trial was set for May.