Reverend describes spiritual encounters over the years


Blessing a home or a business is a tradition that’s observed year-round in Hawaii.

At times it’s done to get rid of something unexplainable, or perhaps, even spiritual.

KHON2 spoke with Kahu Kordell Kekoa, who’s been blessing homes and businesses for 20 years. He says he has seen and felt some scary things over those years.

The reverend says there are three main reasons people ask him to bless a home or business. Either grandma or grandpa wants it done, the family feels it’s the right thing to do, or they sense something in the place that doesn’t feel right.

“Like they feel something on their body, or maybe they sense that they see a chair move or a light flicker, and those things kind of get them nervous and so they want to have their home or that item, something, blessed,” Kekoa said.

Kekoa says it’s not his role to try and explain it. He adds that people in Hawaii tend to be very spiritual, and there are even times when he himself has felt something eerie when he’s called upon to bless a home.

“Just a little press on my shoulder tells me okay, there’s something of the spiritual world that’s here and because we’re so spiritual, I don’t ignore it,” Kekoa said.

He adds that after 20 years, nothing really surprises him anymore. When he was just starting out, he was called not just to bless a house but an actual family member.

“Something spiritual inside of a teenage boy. In fact, one of his friends actually grabbed a Bible and put it on top of his chest, and that boy, at that point, could not sit up, but he was saying things that would not normally come out of his mouth,” Kekoa recalled.

He says it took about five hours to get rid of whatever it was forcing the boy to act so strangely, but after that, he was fine, and there’s been no problem since.

From there on, he says everything else has been relatively mild.

“After you deal with something like that, everything else is a little easier,” Kekoa said.

His advice to anyone who might be experiencing something supernatural, face it head on and don’t be afraid. There’s always help available whether it’s a pastor or some other spiritual leader.

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