Retiring in Hawaii? Study shows which cities have the lowest tax rates for retirees


In a recent study by SmartAsset, Nanakuli, Oahu was rated the most financially favorable for retirees in Hawaii.

The study analyzed sales, property, income, fuel and Social Security tax data, based on an annual income of $50,000.

While income tax is the same across the state; property, sales and fuel tax played a big factor in the rankings.

Here’s the breakdown based on an annual income of $50,000:

RankCityIncome Tax PaidProperty Tax RateSales Tax PaidFuel Tax PaidSocial Security Taxed?Ranking Index
1Nanakuli, HI$6,0350.11%$616$172Not Taxed41.40
2Hawaiian Beaches, HI$6,0350.23%$616$153Not Taxed40.50
3Makaha, HI$6,0350.30%$616$132Not Taxed40.08
4Kahului, HI$6,0350.16%$616$214Not Taxed40.00
5Hawaiian Paradise Park, HI$6,0350.25%$616$164Not Taxed39.98
6Wailea, HI$6,0350.24%$616$185Not Taxed39.76
7Wailuku, HI$6,0350.16%$616$230Not Taxed39.72
8Maili, HI$6,0350.27%$616$171Not Taxed39.63
9Waianae, HI$6,0350.19%$692$152Not Taxed39.45
10Laie, HI$6,0350.30%$692$97Not Taxed39.36

You can find more details on the study results and methodology, as well as an interactive map via the SmartAsset Website

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