Residents upset with tow company for using street parking to store towed vehicles


Broken-down cars taking up public parking, sometimes double-parked, blocking lanes of traffic. Alarms from these vehicles at times going off in the middle of the night.

Those are just some of the issues Moiliili residents on Isenberg Street have been dealing with for years.

Numerous residents reached out to KHON2’s Action Line saying Kuni’s Automotive and Towing has a lot so full, it had to move dozens of cars onto the street.

It’s already an area where parking is a premium, and residents say they’re fed up.

Glenn Miyasaki has lived in his current home across from Kuni’s Automotive and Towing all of his life. He says he’s never seen it this bad.

“This has been going on for years. We’ve been putting up with it. It’s getting out of control,” he told KHON2. “This is actually a little bit better. It was lined up all on the road all day today, double-parked.”

Vehicles start lining up on the street during the busiest time of the day. There are sometimes more than 10 cars parked, not in public spaces, but on the street where they block traffic.

Rich Crandall says he had enough and started making calls.

“I called another representative’s office, and I called the complaint line for the City and County. I took some pictures and I sent some as well, just to let people be aware that it’s getting worse,” he said.

Kuni’s Automotive and Towing is a subcontractor of All Island Towing, which has a contract with the City and the Honolulu Police Department. The city recently received two noise complaints and two parking complaints about the tow yard.

The company’s attorney, Isaac Smith, says the lot is at full capacity, citing a number of reasons.

“The primary reason is we have record numbers of unregistered vehicles,” he said.

Smith also said a city auction was canceled this past week, which means more than 83 cars that were supposed to go to auction are still sitting on the lot. He adds that the company has two other lots, which are also at capacity.

But there is an end in sight.

“We are not going to be at that location for long,” said Smith. “The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, which is our landlord, is going to be developing the property.”

The towing company says they need to be out by the end of February.

KHON2 reached out to the city to see what is being done about cars on the street.

In a statement, Sherilyn Kajiwara, director of the city’s Department of Customer Services said, “area residents should not have to compete with towed vehicles for parking, and the city is taking this situation seriously … under the terms of the contract … Kuni’s is not allowed to park towed vehicles on city streets.”

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