A white milky substance in Keaahala Stream in Kaneohe caught the attention of a nearby resident.

It happened on Friday, and then again on Tuesday, and those living in the area are concerned about the impact it could have.

By the time KHON2 arrived Tuesday afternoon, the stream appeared to be normal.

But Kaneohe resident Jason Jestice took video of the white stream at around 12:30 p.m., and he said it lasted for about two hours.

“The stream was basically white and milky. It looked like white paint, and it had covered the whole stream across and probably 50 yards long,” he said.

The Honolulu Fire Department’s hazmat team was called to the area on Friday after someone reported a similar situation in the stream.

A sample was taken and tests determined the substance wasn’t a chemical or petroleum. The fire department says it likely was caused by the king tides.

On Tuesday, the state Department of Health’s Clean Water Branch came by to investigate the cause, but there is no telling how long it could take.

In 2012, a similar incident was reported at the stream. It turned out to be water-based paint.

According to the Clean Water Branch, the fine for dumping could be $25,000 a day per violation, but someone has to physically see it.