Residents get creative to capture coqui frog on Oahu


Coqui frogs are a major headache on Hawaii island, and other counties are trying to keep the invasive pest out of their backyard.

On Tuesday night, one was captured by a handful of persistent neighbors on Oahu.

Kaimuki resident Brion Zablan and his family were just about to eat dinner when they heard the infamous call of a coqui frog.

They wanted the pest out, so they went looking for it.

“We heard it and at first, we were a little hesitant, but after a while, we realized that was a coqui frog,” he said.

Zablan tells us he and two neighbors searched, but couldn’t find it or hear it, so they got creative.

“We used YouTube, looked up coqui frog sounds, played it, and it called back to us,” he explained.

After about an hour of back and forth, the quarter-sized frog was in custody and, by Wednesday afternoon, in the hands of the Department of Agriculture.

“I couldn’t believe it, in the middle of Kaimuki,” Zablan said. “There is no river, there is nothing, so it’s an awkward place to have a coqui frog.”

In this month alone, there were two other calls about coqui on Oahu – one in Alewa, the other in Kahaluu.

The Department of Agriculture says it gets calls once or twice a month for coqui frogs on Oahu, with more reports during the summer months because the frogs call in warm weather.

If you hear a coqui frog, officials say you shouldn’t actually try to catch it on your own, because the frogs are skittish and can easily escape.

Instead, call the state’s pest hotline at (808) 643-PEST (7378).

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