Community members got together to talk about the future of Ala Moana beach park and voice their concerns with proposed changes to the park one week before public responses close on the city’s website.

Residents were able to ask their questions about the changes coming to a panel which included council members Carol Fukunaga, Ann Kobayashi and Trevor Ozawa, Malama Moana organizers, the city director of design and construction, and someone from the Outdoor Circle.

Among the concerns raised were pedestrian safety with having a shared use path for bicycles and the trash that could be left behind if a dog park was created. Another concern was raised about the addition of perpendicular parking to the park, which people have argued would make it more difficult for drivers getting in and out of the park.

“Now that the draft has come out with updated proposals for the environmental impact statement, we wanted to give people a chance to ask questions and find out more in detail about this important project that the city is doing fro Ala Moana Beach Park,” said Audrey Lee, Malama Moana Organizer.

The public have until August 22nd to send in responses for the latest proposal. 

If you would like to view the proposed EIS draft on the Ala Moana Beach Park improvements, you can click here

To find out how you can comment on the proposed changes, you can click here.