Resident support still seem mixed on proposed bridge over Ala Wai Canal


It’s been talked about for decades. Now the city is sharing more information at a community meeting Thursday night about a proposed bridge over the Ala Wai Canal. There have been different types of alternatives that have been discussed. The city has analyzed them and found what the majority of the people want. 

The proposed bridge will connect Waikiki with the McCully-Moiliili neighborhoods. Some residents are all for it, but others aren’t entirely on board. 

“It’s kind of mixed. The business side, it would be great to go into Waikiki and visit the restaurants, but on the traffic and noise side, you know it’s noisy as it is right now,” said Ronald Boyd, McCully-Moiliili 

“It’s give and take. They are going to get closer to the beach, we get to go watch baseball games at the park,” said Waikiki Resident Tony Scarfone. 

The preferred and popular choice is a new pedestrian bridge, but a big concern about that is parking. Some residents are worried people will park on the McCully-Moiliili side and then walk over to Waikiki. 

“The community is already asking for treatments like a residential restricted parking zone,” said Chief Planner Chris Clark from the Department of Transportation Services, “as we enter preliminary engineering, we are going to dedicate some resources just to that topic to make sure if the preferred alternative is to build a new bridge, we want to make sure that we can try to have improvements in place to try to manage that demand.”

The the project is expected to cost about $15-million. The city is hoping to use federal funding for 80-percent of it. 

Supporters on the Waikiki side of the Ala Wai like how it adds another evacuation point in an emergency. The Mccully-Moiliili Neighborhood Board says over time the board has been spilt. 

“We haven’t taken it up at the board level as far as any official stance until we get more information out of this,” said McCully-Moiliili Neighborhood Board Chair Timothy Streitz. “I just want to make sure that everyone in the community had a chance to be heard.”

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