Repairs underway after strong winds cause ceiling tiles to fall from State Capitol


Work is underway to repair ceiling tiles at the State Capitol.

The state comptroller says this weekend’s strong winds caused approximately five sheet metal ceiling tiles to lift off their support cables and fall out over the Capitol’s Ewa reflecting pool.

The state says the tiles are decorative and do not reflect a structural issue, but due to health and safety concerns, officials issued an emergency procurement for a contractor.

Safway Scaffolding is assembling the scaffold and Taketa Sheetmetal is inspecting and repairing the tiles.

The scaffolding should be completed Friday, and Taketa will begin working on the fallen tiles through the weekend. The scope and duration of repair work has yet to be determined.

The Department of Accounting and General Services says it “did not seek bids for the work since that would have delayed the start by three or more weeks.”

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