There has been major growth in Hawaii’s tourism industry over the years. More visitors mean more money.

How is the state working to keep that momentum?

The Hawaii Tourism Authority says we continue to hit record tourism numbers year after year. While the revenue brought in is great for the state, the tourism industry also creates jobs. That’s why the HTA is launching a campaign aimed at letting people know just how important tourism is.

Ask any tourist visiting Hawaii why they chose to visit the islands and you will probably get an answer like this. “Just look around it’s paradise,” said Kerstin Marx who is visiting from New Mexico. “Vacation and romantic and everything you need for holidays.”

Marx isn’t the only one with paradise on her mind. The Hawaii Tourism Authority say tourists from all over are flocking to Hawaii.

“We have had increases in air route access not just domestically, but internationally and that spurred the additional visitors coming to Hawaii,” said Randy Baldemor with the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

In 2011 there were about 7.3 million visitors. In 2012 that number jumped to 8 million and the record numbers have continued, reaching more than 8.6 million in 2015.

The HTA hopes with a recent campaign they launched, promoting tourism, those numbers will continue to increase.

“The recent campaign is just part of our ongoing efforts to market tourism and to promote and emphasis why Hawaii tourism is so important to our community,” said Baldemor.

HTA says that the campaign highlights just how important the industry is, not only because of the almost $16 billion it brings in to the state, but for other reasons as well.

“What it really focuses on is that tourism is a family business and by that we mean that everyone is involved,” said Baldemor. “Everyone is an important part of making tourism an important part of our community.”