It’s been a very hot summer, to say the least. Meteorologists are saying Hawaii has been seeing record-breaking temperatures since April. And it’s going to be warmer than normal for a couple more months.

This hot summer season is breaking numerous records. Meteorologist Derek Wroe tells us our sea surface temperatures determine how warm the air is around us.

“Those sea surface temperatures they’ve been running around 4 degrees or so warmer than they usually are, so with that it’s giving an extra boost to our temperatures,” said Wroe from the National Weather Service. “It’s unusual to have sea surface temperatures being above normal for such a long period of time.”

So how are folks beating the heat this season?

“I don’t want to go outside. I just want to chill at home in my AC and if I do go outside, I go to Ice Palace. That’s the way to go, Ice Palace. Every weekend, 6 hours a day, just chilling” said 15-year-old William Kaanoi of Kaimuki.

“We just came from Waimanalo Beach and we’re in the pool a lot, in general, just try to stay in the shade,” said Makiki resident David Garfield.

“You know with the trade winds blowing and stuff, you don’t realize how hot or dehydrated you get. So I advise everybody to drink a lot of water,” said Paulette Nee who is visiting from Oregon.

A medical expert we spoke to tell us signs of dehydration are important to look out for such as:
-dry mouth and skin
-infrequent urination
-headache and fatigue.

And you may be having a heat stroke if you start to feel:
-confused or dizzy
-and your breathing and heartbeat getting faster.

Dr. Rupal Gohil, also known as Dr. Rupie, tells us aside from drinking water, there are certain fruits and vegetables that can help keep you hydrated. We’re told about 20 to 30 percent of our fluid intake come from food. So go for something high in water content.

“So things like watermelon, tomatoes, strawberries, and salad with lettuce, those are all things that are heavy in water content and will help hydrate you,” said Dr. Rupie.

On the flip side, if you’re going to be in the hot summer heat, there are certain things that you need to minimize or avoid putting into your body.

“You really want to be careful with alcohol. Alcohol is one of the most common culprits to dehydration. Caffeinated beverages can also do the same so you want to avoid coffee and those energy drinks,” said Dr. Rupie.