The manslaughter case against dentist Lilly Geyer continued Wednesday as her former receptionist Kathleen Cacal took the stand. 

Cacal admits that she is the person who gave 3-year-old Finley Boyle the drugs that ultimately killed her. 

Deputy Attorney General Michael Parrish argued that Geyer should have been present when the drugs were administered because she is a licensed dentist, but Cacal said Geyer wasn’t there.

Finley’s mother took her to Geyer’s dental office in Kailua in 2013 for four root canals but later died.

Cacal testified in great detail how she measured each of the three medications that Finley was given. She also admitted that she was the receptionist, but that she was doing her job.

Parrish questioned Cacal on the witness stand.

Parrish: “Did you have a license?”

Cacal: “No.”

Parrish: “Were you given a prescription?” 

Cacal: “No.”

Parrish: “Did the defendant give you a prescription?” 

Cacal: “No.”

Parrish: “Am I to understand that you rely entirely on those charts that you mentioned?”

Cacal: “Correct.”

Parrish: “So just to be clear, there’s no prescription to indicate how to work with the chart, how much to give?”

Cacal: “No. Everything is on the chart.” (Cacal is referring to a chart that lists the person’s weight and the correct amount of medication they should be administered.)

Parrish: “And you were responsible for looking at the chart? Measuring the medicine? Determining the weight?”

Cacal: “Correct.”

Cacal testified that she wasn’t sure what time Geyer showed up at the dental office, but that she was sure Geyer was not there at any time during the preparation of the drugs or when she gave them to Finley.

Cacal will take the stand again Thursday to conclude her testimony and for cross examination by the defense.