Received random, inappropriate photos via text? You may be victim of the lonely girl scam


Experts say there have been reports in Hawaii where people are receiving random inappropriate photos via text. It is just the latest tactic scammers are using to steal your personal information and get your money.

“There have been a lot of Hawaii residents getting texts and it is not gender-specific. It is someone saying ‘can’t wait to see you later’ and sending inappropriate photos. It turns out the person is trying to engage you in a conversation,” said Timothy Caminos, Super Geeks President.

After sending the initial text, the scammer will begin building a relationship with you, ask to meet up, then solicit money from you. These scammers collect public numbers they find online and the number you receive a text from is likely a temporary burner number.

“It is always a bad idea to engage with someone that you don’t know online. Phone included, including text. If they ask for personal information, credit card, address, location of where you live, definitely don’t give that to them. Don’t give them anything. Not even your city,” said Caminos.

If you’ve already fallen for this type of scam, there are a few ways to get your money back.

“For whatever reason, someone give their credit card information, go ahead and cancel your card and have it replaced. Maybe look at trying to get those charges disputed,” said Caminos.

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