Ready for Disaster


Hurricanes, tsunamis, even a nuclear attack.

All are very scary and very dangerous emergencies that Hawaii could face.

Are you ready? After the missile alert mistake, it became clear that a lot of us don’t know what do to in a time of disaster. So we wanted to make it easy for all of us to get prepared.

“Ready for Disaster” walks you through the steps you should take now to make sure you and your family are ready to respond to emergencies of all kinds.

We’ve enlisted experts from government, military, and the community, gathered all the current planning guidelines and supply lists, and we tag along as a local family follows the steps.

You can watch the special in its entirety above, or click on the following links to explore section by section.

Part 1: No-notice emergencies

Part 2: Your emergency kit essentials

Part 3: Make an emergency plan

Part 4: Hurricanes and tsunamis

Part 5: Key takeaways

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