Re-striping on H-1 Freeway makes it hard to distinguish old lanes from new, drivers say


Routine maintenance work on the H1 Freeway is turning out to be a traffic hazard for some.

Re-striping work done by the Department of Transportation on the eastbound lanes near the Pearl City off-ramp is causing confusion for many drivers. 

Some say it’s difficult to distinguish between the old lanes and the new lanes.

“It’s not safe,” said Mililani resident Jana Lille. “People already don’t drive the safest here. When there’s no clear division in the lanes, it’s hard to tell where you’re going.”

“The lanes are a little confusing, if you’re not paying attention. You will merge into the wrong lane or sometimes, you might even sideswipe someone, because you’re not sure which lane you’re going in,” said Waipahu resident Jerry Goode. 

Lille and Goode says the re-striping work has caused near-accidents. 

“I’ve been driving with friends. I’ve seen near collisions, just because people don’t know where they’re supposed to be, and it’s not necessarily their fault, you know?” said Lille. 

“Even I had one myself. Sometimes you think you’re merging in the lane, but next thing you know, you’re in the opposite lane,” said Goode.

A spokeswoman with the state’s Department of Transportation wrote:

“We received a complaint regarding the striping on the H-1 eastbound in Aiea via email last week and sent someone out to assess. We will schedule re-striping with thermoplastic material within the month. We have not received any reports of accidents or near misses in the area, but ask that drivers in the area use caution and allow anyone confused by the striping to merge safely.”

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