Q&A with state’s new schools superintendent


Earlier this month, Christina Kishimoto assumed the position of Hawaii’s schools superintendent.

She says she wants Hawaii to be seen as the top public education system in the U.S., and has a three-pronged approach to make that happen: Creating strong school designs, listening to student feedback, and getting teachers involved the process.

“We are well on our way toward that goal. There are many great things happening at schools,” she said. “We have principals and teachers working in teams, creating great school designs and models that really engage students, and now we just have to make sure that every school is functioning at that level, supporting students at that level. So we’re going to work collaboratively as a system to make sure we deliver on that goal.”

Kishimoto says she also plans to get the governor, legislators, and business and industry leaders involved.

Watch more from our one-on-one interview below.

Part 1: School bus shortage, top 3 priorities (school design, student voice, teacher collaboration), curriculum empowerment, common core, approach to investigations, efficiency.

Part 2: Navigating politics, critiques of past tenures in Connecticut and Arizona, charter schools, shortage of qualified teachers, improving school physical conditions, expectations from the governor, closing thoughts on student-centered design model.

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