Erosion continues to eat away at the Royal Hawaiian groin in Waikiki.

It’s an issue that has been affecting the area for years.

The state is trying to figure out how to keep it from deteriorating any further.

There are four options on the table, but the Department of Land and Natural Resources wants to hear from you first.

Options for a new groin:

  1. A new 180-foot-long rock L or T-head groin
  2. A new 280-foot-long rock L or T-head groin
  3. Adaptive re-use of the existing groin as the core of a new 160-foot-long rock L-head groin
  4. A new160-foot-long vertical concrete wall groin

They’re holding a public information meeting Tuesday night from 6 to 8 p-m at the Waikiki Community Center.

Officials say, if the groin continues to erode, it could de-stabilize over 1,700 feet of sandy shoreline east of it.Environmental Assessment (EA): Royal Hawaiian Groin Improvement Project Draft EA published on January 23, 2016