Proposed traffic alleviation in the works for some West Oahu residents


A new resolution in the City Council may provide a solution to some of Oahu’s worst traffic.

Fort Weaver Road in Ewa could be getting a contraflow lane. District representative Ron Menor has proposed the resolution, which he hopes to get into the next legislative session.

“I’ve heard from constituents that it takes them sometimes an hour or more to get from Ewa into town and back during peak rush hour times,” Menor said.

“I’m hoping that the implementation of contraflow lanes will hope to alleviate the traffic congestion.”

Some residents say the traffic on Fort Weaver Road has a grip on their decision making.

“It kind of controls my life a little bit in terms of when I’m going to leave and when I’m going to come back home,” said Ewa resident Bronson Yamanuha.

Other residents are confident in workarounds they’ve found for traffic.

“People just have to know how to use the back roads and all different routes I guess,” said Zaldy Pinol.

Menor points to the success of other contraflows on Kapiolani Boulevard, Ward Avenue, and Kalanianaole Highway as proof that the traffic measure works at a lower cost than widening the road or adding lanes.

“As far as I’m concerned the areas where contraflows have been implemented, for example, Nimitz Highway, or on certain major roadways such as Kapiolani Boulevard downtown they’ve worked really well.”

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