Proposed fee hikes target drivers, vehicle owners on Oahu


Owning a car could get more expensive if you live on Oahu.

Taxpayers would feel the effects three different ways which are through parking meters, fuel tax, and a tax increase on vehicle weight.

It’s not easy to find parking in Honolulu. The city administration wants to raise parking meter rates in downtown Honolulu, around Honolulu Hale and Waikiki. Right now, it’ll cost you $1.50 an hour but the administration is proposing to raise that to $3 an hour.

Gas prices are already going up. The city could also increase the fuel tax from 16.5 cents to 20 cents per gallon. The city says this would add about $11 million more per year in the highway fund.

Finally, the county’s motor vehicle weight tax could be going up. Your vehicle registration may also go up. Right now, it’s 5 cents per pound for passenger cars and trucks. But the city is calling for a one-cent increase for 2018 and again in 2019. So for example, if you own a four-door sedan, your vehicle registration could go up about $30.

City Council Chair Ron Menor said in a statement that “the city needs to approach the tax and fee increase cautiously….public input must be taken into account every step of the way….the members of the Council must carefully balance paying for an integrated bus and rail system…with what our constituents can afford.”

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