Proposal to build a new, smaller Aloha Stadium complete with museum and hotel


Rebuild Aloha Stadium and turn it into a money-maker for the state: that’s the gist of one proposal currently  at the state legislature.

Representative John Mizuno, who introduced House Bill 695, says the state’s largest outdoor arena needs a change.

“The stadium is decades old. It needs a change. More than a face lift. We need a brand new seating, a better acoustic stadium. If we do this right, we can generate income,” he said.

The state hired consultants a few years ago to look into building a new stadium. It would be smaller, and cost at least 300 million dollars. A worthy investment, says Mizuno.

“We would have so many options – concerts, world class soccer tournaments, MMA fighting. We got Max Holloway and other champions in Hawaii. Instead of going to Las Vegas, we should bring these sporting events to Hawaii,” he said.  

The state representative adds he wants to built a museum and a hotel on the new stadium premises.

“It can be an economic hub and generator for the state!”

Mizuno says he’d like to come up with a public-private partnership to ease the burden off taxpayers.

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