Bernie Sanders wins 70 percent in Hawaii Democratic presidential preference poll


The Democratic Party of Hawaii released its most recent tallies Sunday morning from yesterday’s state-wide Democratic presidential preference poll, and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders ended up winning 70 percent of the vote to Hillary Clinton’s 30 percent.

Taking in the remainder of the Oahu ballots cast, out of a total of 33,716, the unofficial candidate totals are:

Bernie Sanders23,530 ballots70%
Hillary Clinton10,125 ballots30%
Rocky De La Fuente12 ballots0%
Martin O’Malley6 ballots0%
Uncommitted43 ballots0%

Based on those totals, 17 delegates were awarded to Sanders and 8 to Clinton.

Here are the delegate totals broken down by Congressional District and county:

Congressional District 13 (38%)5 (62%)
Congressional District 22 (25%)6 (75%)
At-Large Delegates24
Pledge PLEO*12
*PLEO: Party Leader & Elected Official

The official results will be certified by the party’s State Central Committee within 20 days.

Sanders also claimed victory in other Democratic presidential contests Saturday in Alaska and Washington state, with 82 percent and 73 percent respectively.

Reed Millar, Hawaii state director for the Sanders campaign, said Saturday that “We don’t have final numbers yet, we don’t know exactly the delegates are going to break down, but at this point it looks like we won more than 70 percent of the vote in Alaska, we won by more than 10 points in Washington and it looks like the results here at least a 10-point victory as well.

“A big day, now we won five of the last six races, states, we are picking up a lot of momentum. We are very happy with the way things are going. Winning here is important, Hawaii is a diverse state, one of the most diverse states in the country and that means a lot for our campaign and it should speak to what’s going to happen in California and New York and others,” he said.

Sanders himself released the following statement after his then-projected victory in Hawaii:

“I want to thank the people of Hawaii for their strong support and for turning out in huge numbers for Saturday’s caucuses. Nobody should have any doubt that this campaign has extraordinary momentum and that we have a path toward victory. In state after state, our grassroots effort has taken on the entire political establishment. We have taken on the senators and the governors and the mayors and the members of Congress. Our political revolution is the best chance we have to keep Donald Trump or any other Republican out of the White House.”

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