5th printout: Kim to be next Hawaii mayor; Caldwell, Djou look to November


Harry Kim will return as Hawaii County mayor eight years after ending his last term.

With 43 of 43 precincts reporting in the fifth printout, Kim received 20,634 votes or 51.62 percent, while opponent Wally Lau received 9,965 votes or 24.93 percent.

There would have to be a severe shift in the night-long trend for that to change.

Meanwhile, incumbent Kirk Caldwell and Charles Djou will face off for Honolulu mayor in November.

Caldwell started the night with a slight lead, which widened gradually as the night went on.

As of the fifth printout, he received 74,057 votes or 44.61 percent, while Djou received 72,520 votes or 43.69 percent.

“My thoughts are to keep working really hard,” Caldwell said. “I think it’s doing more of the same and getting our message out, staying positive, and talking about all the issues.

“We need a sewer system that works, we need a water system that works, we need roads that work, we need buses that work, and of course housing our homeless,” he added. “I’ve been tackling those issues with metrics that we measure and report on. I want to be able to talk about that and I think as voters hear those issues being discussed, more support moves in my direction and I really appreciate that.”

Supporters at Caldwell’s party continued to cheer “Four more years!” while supporters at Djou’s viewing party combed carefully through the numbers.

“We only started this campaign two months ago with absolutely no money,” Djou said. “We took on the incumbent mayor who outspent us by a six, seven to one margin. He had his whole administration, his whole machine behind him here, and yet here we are, toe-to-toe with the mayor and that speaks volumes about the incredible hard work all of my volunteers have done. It speaks volumes about the need for change at city hall, about restoring trust, and honesty and integrity back into the office of mayor that is so desperately missing.”

Peter Carlisle came in a distant third with 15,539 votes or 9.36 percent.

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