Name: Wendell Kaehuaea
Age: 75
Current occupation: Security Guard
Political experience: On the Island of Hawaii since 1967. In Races, as a Community Service 0-22. Every race where someone was unopposed or against Career Politicians.

Recent reports by the state auditor have raised concern about how public money is spent, and some suggest there should be more oversight where state funds are concerned. What, if anything, would you change about the process?

As Hawaii Governor, I will have a State Audit for Efficiency and Cost of every State Department. Than take Action. 

Hawaii continues to struggle with chronic homelessness, many of whom are veterans, mentally ill, and/or addicted to drugs. What are your plans to tackle this problem?

Support and Fund Non-Profit Organizations on each Island. Who are 24/7 with our Homeless Communities. No State assistant without passing a Health Physical.

Do you support legislation to make recreational marijuana legal in Hawaii? Why or why not?

Only for Medical purpose.

Dozens of states operate a lottery that, some argue, could supplement funding for education, public spaces, tax reductions, etc. Would you support a lottery in Hawaii? Why or why not?

After a State Audit. Yes. Only if the State reduces State Taxes on Hawaii Residents, first. Second, Priority would be our Public School and Teachers.

Is there a pressing issue in Hawaii that has gone overlooked and requires action?

Yes. OHA and DHHL, first to be Audit.