Name: Terrence K. Teruya
Age: 59
Current occupation: Telecom Supervisor at OTS / Telecom Technician at BWS
Political experience: None

Recent reports by the state auditor have raised concern about how public money is spent, and some suggest there should be more oversight where state funds are concerned. What, if anything, would you change about the process?

Currently the process after the audit is no action only complaining its wrong. After audit is done recommendations should be implemented to eliminate any discrepancies. Follow up should be scheduled every two weeks to insure compliance and evaluate effectiveness.

Hawaii continues to struggle with chronic homelessness, many of whom are veterans, mentally ill, and/or addicted to drugs. What are your plans to tackle this problem?

A problem this large needs to be structured into smaller groups so that goals are achievable and not overwhelming. For example from what you have listed I would group it. Veterans / mentally ill / and or addicted to drugs.  Reason : Veterans paid their dues and sacrificed for our freedoms, mentally ill no control over that unless it falls in the next category, then addicted to drugs because they make the choice of shooting themselves up, where is their money coming from to pay for these drugs. I believe my program would be a hand up not a hand out.  We are a society of participation, everyone needs to contribute, there is no free lunch because the money that pays for that lunch are the taxpayers. We should be teaching people how to fish, not just give it to them.  Programs need to be centrally located to provide rehabilitation services.  Tax breaks should be given to companies or professional instructors who can contribute educational services or  apprenticeship programs that benefit and retrain these members to be part of our participating society.

Do you support legislation to make recreational marijuana legal in Hawaii? Why or why not?

I do support legalization of marijuana for recreational use.  While currently illegal use here is still being done, I have not seen any traffic fatalities involving marijuana, I have not seen domestic violence due to the fact of marijuana use, I have not seen a murder involving marijuana use. I do see traffic fatalities due to alcohol, I do see domestic violence due to alcohol use, I do see traffic fatalities due to alcohol use, and there has been murders due to alcohol use, and alcohol is legal.

Dozens of states operate a lottery that, some argue, could supplement funding for education, public spaces, tax reductions, etc. Would you support a lottery in Hawaii? Why or why not?

If you check out my website I do support a lottery and shipboard gambling so we don’t tax our infrastructure. Hawaii needs multiple streams of income not just one. In combination with tourism, shipboard gambling, lottery, industrial hemp and aqua farming these can supply steady streams of income so as not to depend that only one of these will be “the big one”.

Is there a pressing issue in Hawaii that has gone overlooked and requires action?

This pressing overlooked problem if not addressed will end all problems because without water there is no life. Currently at this time Oahu uses around 66 MILLION GALLONS OF WATER A DAY. We do not replace even a fraction of that.  The military underground jet fuel storage tanks at red hill leaked approximately 27 thousand gallons into the surrounding earth which is close to our underground aquifier.  To avoid another Flint Michigan incident we need to have that cleaned up now.  This issue was brought up four years ago to governor candidates and since then there have been many rain falls that bring that fuel closer to our water.  Now Flint Michigan can truck water from other states close by, what state is close enough to truck water to us? This is my number one issue, the next one is rail and then no taxes on unprepared food and prescription drugs.