Among the incumbents unseated in Saturday’s primary election is Democratic Senator Brickwood Galuteria. He represents District 12 which includes Waikiki, McCully and Kakaako.

After ten years in the state senate, Galuteria was handily defeated by Sharon Moriwaki who campaigned on a message of change.

“I did feel the momentum and I just told all the volunteers this is not about me it’s a movement it’s a movement where we take back the senate we take back people having a choice,” said Moriwaki.

In statement Galuteria said, “It has been my great honor to have served Hawaii and the good people of the State Senate’s District 12 for the past ten years. Thank you for the opportunity. I extend deep gratitude to my colleagues in both the Senate and the House. Public service is a noble cause and my hope is that the incoming Senator has the depth to address the varied needs of the most urban of Hawaii’s Senate Districts. The old Honolulu communities of McCully and Mo’ili’ili, the great tourism center of Waikiki, the economic jewel of Ala Moana and the vibrant growth of Kaka’ako. To serve only one area would be a great dis-service to District constituents. For now, I will briefly reflect on last evening’s election results and return to the private sector with a unique perspective known only to those who’ve served in elective office. Mahalo and Aloha.”

Kealii Lopez, chair of the Hawaii Democratic Party, said, “I remember a long time state legislator that told me your number one job is to get re-elected and so campaigning and working hard to get re-elected is key. If you don’t get re-elected than you can’t do the work of the people.”