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Primary Election: Lieutenant Governor

The race is on to fill the seat vacated by Shan Tsutsui, who stepped down in January.

Gov. David Ige appointed Doug Chin to replace him, though the arrangement is temporary. Chin is currently running for the office of U.S. Representative of Hawaii's 1st Congressional District.

After the fourth printout, Sen. Josh Green led with 71,088 votes. Sen. Jill Tokuda had 64,499 votes. 

After the third printout, Sen. Josh Green continued his lead in the polls with 61,825 votes compared to Sen. Jill Tokuda's 55,754 votes.

"I just have to say mahalo to all those families," said Green. "This isn't over yet, but I've got a lot of thank yous out there and so much love to the people in Hawaii."

State Sen. Josh Green is still leading in the polls after the second printout during primary election night, with 49,357 votes. Right behind him is Sen. Jill Tokuda, with 43,475 votes. 

"I feel great. I feel honored to be part of this process and to have this many people supporting me and my family ... I feel like I have a lot to do to serve, I really want to serve this state and work on homeless and addiction. There's so many people in need and if we can prevail in the end, I really hope to be serving the people," said Green. 

When asked about the challenge in transitioning between district campaigning and going statewide this year, Tokuda said: "It's always hard to go from 1/25 to the whole state obviously, but you really just have to look at building relationships and I'm very blessed that I have amazing people throughout the state in many communities that have joined our team."

After the first printout, state Sen. Josh Green was in the lead among the Democrats with 35,697 votes. 

"Right now Sen. Green is optimistic and just really, really pleased about the support he's been getting. As of yesterday he's been to 60 different neighborhoods throughout the state. He's got his message out about what he stands for, and we think people got the message." said Green's friend, Dr. Josh Miscovich. 

Right behind Green is state Sen. Jill Tokuda with 30,759 votes.

The Republican race is tight with just a few hundred votes separating Steve Lipscomb, Marissa Kerns, and Jeremy Low.


  • ING, Renee (G)
  • MAGAOAY, Ernest G. (N)
  • ROBOTTI, Paul F. (N)

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