A tiny snafu with an electronic voting machine at one polling place took an hour to resolve Tuesday morning.

A handful of voters were in line to cast their ballot via the eSlate machine at McKinley High School’s cafeteria when it went down.

Volunteers tell us the machine was working when polls opened at 7 a.m., then a glitch took it offline.

A technician was called to fix the problem.

“It took about an hour until we finally realized it was a frayed wire within the mechanism itself and we bypassed it and got it working again,” said voting official Van Hiyakumoto.

The polling place at Ala Wai Community Park also experienced problems that were quickly resolved.

The eSlate sometimes has technical issues because it is an older machine that has been in use since around 2002.

Election coordinators also say that since voting takes place every other year, machines are often hooked up improperly by new volunteers.

People were still able to cast their vote using the paper ballot while the machine was offline.

Additional problems were reported with the ballot scanning machines at Mililani High and Helemano Elementary schools. 

All issues were resolved.