Mike Victorino defeats Elle Cochran to become Maui County’s next mayor

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One of the major races on the Valley Isle is the race for Maui County mayor.

Current Mayor Alan Arakawa has reached his term limit and cannot run again.

The battle in the general election was between a former council member and a current council member.

Mike Victorino was a council member from 2006 to 2017. If his name sounds familiar, it’s because he is the father of two-time World Series champion Shane Victorino.

Meanwhile, Cochran has represented West Maui on the county council since 2011. She also chairs the Infrastructure and Environmental Management Committee.

3rd printout: Victorino will be Maui County’s next mayor. After the third printout, Victorino had 26,227 votes or 54.1% versus Cochran’s 20,956 votes or 43.3%.

“I’m ecstatic. I’m thankful. I’m so grateful for the people of Maui County and the support we’ve received,” Victorino said, “and hope now that we can bring this community together more closely to work to make it a better community.”

Victorino says he’s ready to work with the county council, including Tuesday’s newly elected members.

“It’s not about me. It’s not about them. It’s about the people of Maui County, and we’re here to serve them, to do what we can to make Maui a better place. We need housing, we need a lot of improvements in areas, and they need to help me and I help them to make it work,” he said.

2nd printout: Victorino maintains lead with 17,859 votes or 58.3% versus Cochran with 11,907 votes or 38.9%.

“They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and all that I became and was able to accomplish was basically because of the man who set my vision, my path, my understanding and perspective of life,” Shane Victorino said of his father.

1st printout: Victorino took an early lead with 13,381 votes or 59.1% versus Cochran with 8,660 votes or 38.3%.

Cochran says change is necessary, especially in times of disaster, like the wildfires and flooding that devastated portions of Maui earlier this year.

“The community felt they were left in the dark. Literally, they were out of power yes, but they didn’t know where to go, who was doing what, where could they get help, and regular citizens stepped up,” she said. “They started collecting donations, started getting food, and so I know the county has four islands wide, but the disasters were in particular West Maui, so I would have gone there directly and been with the people, again, firsthand, boots-on-the-ground type reaction.”

In the primary election, Victorino edged out Cochran with 40 percent of the vote versus Cochran’s 30.5 percent.

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