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Get to know your 2018 Hawaii Primary Election candidates

HONOLULU (KHON2) - KHON2 wants you to get to know your candidates before you head to the polls.

In an effort to provide a fair, unbiased snapshot, we picked four major races and sent every candidate the same request: Please provide us with your headshot, name, age, current occupation, and political experience, and answers to five questions. The questions were tailored for each race, but all candidates in that race received the same questions.

Below are links to each candidate's profile. Some answers were edited for consistency in format, but all key content remains exactly as submitted by the candidate. Candidates without links did not, or have yet to, submit answers.

The Office of Elections determines, by random drawing, the order the political preferences will appear on the 2018 Primary Election ballot.

The order of political preferences will be as follows:

  1. Constitution Party
  2. Green Party
  3. Democratic Party
  4. Libertarian Party
  5. Nonpartisan Ballot
  6. Republican Party

The Primary Election is on Aug. 11, 2018 and the General Election is on Nov. 6, 2018.


  • BREWER, Jim (G)


  • ING, Renee (G)
  • MAGAOAY, Ernest G. (N)
  • ROBOTTI, Paul F. (N)


  • BURD, Zachary B. (G)
  • TIPPENS, Michelle Rose (L)
  • CIPOLLA, John E. (N)
  • GRIFFIN, Calvin C. (N)
  • CAVASSO, Cam (R)
  • VINOLE, Raymond Rene (R)


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